31 Charts to Restore your Faith in Humanty

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English: This is a projected number of good faith, vandal, spammer, and sockpuppet editors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
        While reading articles online this weekend, I came across this interesting article over at The Washington Post by Brad Plumer called 31 Charts to Restore your Faith in Humanity. These days I sometimes feel it would take 131 charts to pull off that job but, I am being optimistic and sharing the article with all of you. I hope it works for you.

  Earlier this week, Rob Wile of Business Insider posted his graph-heavy opus: "31 Charts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity." Naturally, we here at Wonkblog were all eager to see the results. But we'd quibble a bit with Wile's interpretations of the data. His charts all struck us as horrible news. So we're re-analyzing them here with the proper, gloom-heavy spin: 1) Inter-state wars are on the rise since 2002. Zoom in on that pink line:

 Read more online at http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2013/05/24/these-31-charts-will-destroy-your-faith-in-humanity/

By: Shelly Michalk

 By Brad Plumer May 24, 2013
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