What Does Psychology have to do with Success?

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Success is a term to describe the achievements and goals that someone or something has reached and can be measured in many different ways.

Looking back, I don't think that there has ever been a time when I was not interested and fascinated by the mysteries of the mind or the science of psychology and with the human brain being probably the most complex machine imaginable, I wondered if there was any correlation between success and psychology or if success was mostly achieved by dumb luck or hard work or both. With all these questions running through my head I decided to surf the Internet to find some information or resources and here is what I found.

Very Interesting Article by: Allison Price author of Psychology of Success, Jan 01,2012

The Psychology of Success Possesses The Potential To Achieve Your Dreams Allison Price

There is no such thing as a recognizable discipline as the Psychology of Success. It isn't something that you would go and learn at university. This makes it a new and interesting niche to be explored, one which can join inspiration from motivational coaching with some of the finest research and theory from significant branches of psychology that connect to achievement. There are four disciplines I think ought to be a part of a Psychology of Success concept.
The initial subject that should be incorporated in the Psychology of Success is the traditional discipline of psychology, the scientific study of the psyche and consequential behavior. This topic is now well over 100 years old and as such, a wealth of invaluable information has been gained on the subject of how humans deliberate, act and change. A particular strength is that the findings of this area are grounded with strong scientific data - careful exploration has made sense of what have been otherwise anecdotal observations.
Though, what is above all interesting is how history molded the direction of this field. After World War II countless soldiers came back home ‘broken’ as a result of the horrific experiences of combat. Consequently, the American government funded investigation in to how to make miserable individuals less miserable. As a result, by the year 2000, for every 1 study in how to optimize the functioning of well individuals, there were 21 studies in how to repair ruined individuals. We have as a result learnt a bundle concerning things such as fighting a depressive disorder, or reducing anxiety, however this has historically distracted from research into how to achieve success.
In 1998 psychology took a fresh route, with the head of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman, highlighting this 21:1 ratio and suggesting that a difference of focus was desirable. At that minute, positive psychology was born, a subject that ought to be included inside the Psychology of Success, which, rather than exploring what has gone not right with individual performance, seeks to look for what has gone well. Positive psychology can be described as the analysis of individual potential, and looks at how to improve habitual lifestyles and give rise to individuals happier, more fulfilled plus much more productive. This subject is still within its formative years, and as such the findings are rather limited compared to longer-established psychological disciplines. Nonetheless, an enormous amount has been learned in less than 15 years and no doubt more critical insights will materialize over time.
Of particular help will be the study into what makes persons lastingly fulfilled. Why? For the reason that, if you take the point of view that success cannot really be regarded as such if your achievement makes you miserable, it's vital that you know what is worth placing your time and effort into attaining before you take any major action. It's extremely useful to recognise which basket you ought to be placing your eggs into.
The third subject that ought to be integrated in the Psychology of Success is the topic of motivational coaching, that has been heavily affected by persons like Anthony Robbins. Motivational coaches like Anthony Robbins have popularized examples of the methods and theories belonging to the topic of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP is known as a practice of alternative therapy that focuses on the construction and belief we retain of actions, so that we know how to improve our experience of them and enhance what we desire from them.
It's fair-minded to express that these types of tools and techniques have been questioned for not having the methodical rigor of established psychology behind them. However, having used these ways with over 1,500 individuals I can confirm that they clearly do produce an impact. Furthermore, one of the key difficulties with motivational coaching as a standalone field is that it regularly focuses on areas such as attaining great riches, which society teaches us will make us happy. However science demonstrates that it clearly doesn't. Therefore, the advantage of combining motivational coaching with traditional psychology and positive psychology is that you possess a more balanced combination of science coupled along with effective inspiration.
Lastly, the Psychology of Success ought to draw upon the field of sports psychology. This area of psychology is devoted to helping amateur and specialist sportsmen and women get to the summit of their individual sporting game. Although this topic is more focused on how athletes can turn into sporting champions, there are a number of significant lessons that can be applied much more widely to support you to accomplish a ‘gold medal’ whilst working towards your own personal objective.
Through combining these four disciplines, the Psychology of Success looks at why you ought to place endeavor into attaining success, and will make you fired up to take action. It furthermore examines what success is for you and is able to support you as you set out to attain this. Finally, it can incorporate powerful techniques to get success and make your desires come real.
Alison Price is author of the Psychology of Success book , which reveals the tools from psychology that can show you how to be a success in life and inspires its readers to achieve their dreams.
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