How I Became Successful at Writing and How You Can Too

Writing is a gift but can be learned too

Although writing is a gift, it can also be learned. I was born to write. I started writing after my brother died when I was just 12 years old. He was only 22 years old and was murdered by his wife because he wanted to divorce her. So, after he died, I wrote a poem dedicated to him. I think my mom still has it packed away somewhere.

Never give up, never quit!

I quit writing for a long time after that because I got in with the wrong crowd and started doing things at a young age that I shouldn’t have been doing. However, when I was 17, I met my now husband and I quit everything I was doing wrong. A few years went by and we got a computer and the Internet. This is when I discovered my love for writing again. I started writing short fiction stories for myself and articles for what was then Associated Content. That was 8 years ago and now I am a successful writer writing for a bunch of different websites and a few private clients.

Be successful

I started out writing for Associated Content 8 years ago and then a few years later, Yahoo bought them out. They kept me on. That was great! I was making even more money and even made it into the Top 1,000 Contributors for four years in a row. I eventually made it into the Hot 500 Contributors for a few months until they closed their doors for good. They only gave us a two week warning that they were closing down and for us to take our articles off the site to be able to use them someplace else. I did but I actually lost them altogether when I stupidly didn’t back them up and my computer crashed and died. Let that be a warning to you. Make sure to back all of your stuff up. I now do and use dropbox. Make sure to do this because you never know if something will happen to your computer one day and you lose everything on it. It is really bad when that happens!

Your writing dreams can come true too!

Since Yahoo closed down, I applied for Examiner and got in right away. I have been writing for them for three years now and they also invited me to write for their sister site, AXS which I have been writing for a few months now. Actually, just this morning, I was also invited to write for CBS Local through Examiner. I applied and am waiting to hear back from them now. They only invite top quality writers who are active on Examiner.

Be patient! Practice makes perfect

I also write for Immortal News, Newslines, a few private clients, and a couple of other small sites. I love what I do. Although I was born to write, it can be learned as well. However, it does take patience and hard work to be successful at it. Work at it every day. Write every day. It doesn’t matter what you write even if you write nonsense, just write every day. Set up a blog and blog about life, your pets, making money, your work, anything you want. The sky is the limit with writing! I am sure everyone knows the saying, ‘practice makes perfect.’ This applies to writing as well. As long as you do it every day, you will get awesome at it and will get paid for it. You will also one day be invited to write for big name sites. Just write!

Check out my writing portfolio for all of my different sites I write for and the articles I have written. 

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Thanks for reading and I want to thank the owner of this blog for letting me contribute to it.