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Beyond Abilities
Beyond Abilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Do you know your strengths?  

Knowing your strengths and using them to your advantage will get you farther in a shorter period of time.  Utilizing your strengths will fill you with energy and make you very efficient. 

Ask yourself these questions and write down  your answers:
1.    What am I good at?
2.    What do I enjoy doing?
3.    What are my natural talents and abilities?

Leverage your strengths and work your passion; this will allow you to be at your personal best.  Write your goals around the strengths you already possess.
The key is to continually grow and work on your weaknesses, but do not focus on them.  Don't ever stop improving and enhancing your abilities.

by: Shanna Beaman
Author, Professional Speaker and Trainer
Turning Dreams Into Reality
from www.goalsmentor.com

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